The Isle of Corsair


Welcome to the Isle of Corsair! For over a thousand years the people of Corsair have lived a simple life of peace and comfort. Populated almost completely by humans, the only other races that exist on Corsair are a small amount of orcs and half-orcs interspersed throughout the general public that make up around five percent of the population of Corsair. The climate of Corsair is warm, sunny, and nearly tropical.


For the citizens of Corsair, their existence on the island has become something of an argument. It is generally agreed that the inhabitants came from a far away continent in the West that was populated by not only humans, but also other humanoids such as the dwarves, elves, goblins, gnomes, and countless other races. Many myths surround what brought people to Corsair. Some say that the races of the main continent were all wicked (or in some versions became corrupted), and cast the humans to Corsair. Other stories say that a great plague struck the continent, and forced the survivors to flee. More romanticized myths claim that an unnamed explorer and sailor discovered the island, and then brought back a group of people to colonize it, and that contact was eventually lost with the western continent. Some even believe that the gods and goddesses placed them directly on Corsair, and that the great ocean expands for eternity.


The orcs that inhabit Corsair come from the smaller Eastern island they call Grosh'te. For unknown reasons the orcs never ventured to spread their population onto Corsair. Humans and orcs get along very well, with trading taking place exclusively on Orsha and Malupa. The orcs do not allow humans to travel to their island, and the orcs that live on Corsair do not speak about Grosh'te, nor their reasons for leaving. As a people, the orcs are incredible sailors. Their skills in seamanship are unrivaled, and their boats are without match. The people of Corsair believe that the orcs live in small nomadic tribes smattered throughout the beaches of their island. This belief is based on how they live once they arrive on Corsair.

Geology and Climate

Geologically, Corsair and its sister island were formed from the shield volcano located in the Eastern part of Corsair. It is believed that the two islands were once one larger island, but a great cataclysmic event tore them apart. Again there is much argument about just what this event was. The island is near tropical with much of it covered in forest. A few rivers and streams coming off the snow covered volcano provide a fresh water source for the inhabitants. It is unsure where the orcs get their fresh water, but they do take a great deal of it back in trade.

Events so far

Nothing happened on the Isle of Corsair. Ever. Everyone got along with everyone else and lived happy contented lives. The End.

Isle of Corsair

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